Junior Badminton Club

Our junior club meets on Mondays at Thornbury Leisure Centre. We have 5 courts from 6-8pm. We are limited to 30 members due to the national guidelines regarding the ratio of children to courts. However we also have a waiting list of over 30, some of whom have been on the list since birth!! The age range is from 8 to about 18, nobody is asked to leave, but we find that university, gap years or transfer to the senior club happens naturally about this age.

We try to keep a balance between the competitive and social elements and the club is very much driven by the players needs. We hold two club tournaments each year restricted to the members (singles and doubles), both handicapped and both keenly competed for. In addition we hold an annual Mini-Maxi tournament where parents and senior club members play with the juniors in complex handicap formula (that works well). These are great fun and eagerly anticipated by the members each season.

A typical club night will consist of 50% coaching of technique and 50% free play. We award a “Player of the Week” who holds a (really valuable!) trophy for the week and their name is added to the register of winners. We also have a “Chocolate Challenge” – where players can try to serve as many shuttles out of 10 into a bucket. Some weeks this is on low serves and sometimes for high serves. This has proved a great success………………mainly among the female coaches and Annette in particular!!!! Her obsession with winning means that the standard the children have to reach is high, of course we usually find she has “cheated” in some way and award the chocolates to the highest scoring junior.

Very often the evening will end with all involved in a massive “figure of eight” game or a 15 a side “volleybadminton” game. You may have to come and watch these if you don’t know how they work as it is too difficult to describe in words.

The Junior Section has developed many players who have gone on to represent their County and also the senior Club. The Severn Vale Club Chair – Bernard Amos, also chairs the Junior Club which is led by Karen Carter and Sam de Alwis. Annette Johnson is the secretary. All four are qualified Badminton England level 2 coaches, meaning they have been CRB checked and are permitted to coach up to County Level. They have regular assistance from the senior club members who are either level two or level one assistant coaches.

For more information please contact us.